Monday, February 21, 2011

Frowning on Brownies

What is the big joke for not posting on my blog? Forgotten my password. Refused to seek help and racked my brains to recall it. So finally...

Yes, about brownies. I always read in baking books, blogs that Brownies are simple to make and there are many variations and so on but what is the perfect Brownies? I suppose out there there are fudgy ones; cakey ones; melt-in-your-mouths ones and what else? To each his taste I reckon. 

I have tried a few recipes and the one I did today is from Bill's Basic by Bill Granger. Got the book immediately after a Sunday Times review of it. Bill does not just bake but whips up dishes as well (a little info for those who are not familiar with this Aussie).
I tweaked the recipe a little and the result was no one ie my family members wanted to die for it. I must qualify however, that I am still working on my baking it is not about whose recipe it is - or is it? Anyway, here I go again, looking out for that perfect Brownies.