Wednesday, May 29, 2013



I guess oreos cookies are every one's favourite. They are certainly my family's fav cookies as they are always in stock in our pantry.
Saw these beautiful coal-like macarons at a popular bistro and was spurred to try making them.

I was glad I bought the right powder - bamboo charcoal powder - to give these beauties that glossy jet black. A little expensive though but gained satisfaction when the colors turned out as I had wanted (see my post on My Macarons - A Grey Issue dated 14 May 2011). Guess I had come a long, long way as far as my macs are concerned.
Only grouse is that I was too generous with the oreos cookies and thus the buttercream turned out thick and chunky. Well, can we ever get enough?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mozart and Mont Blanc in Japan

I had wanted to blog about my recent solo trip to Japan, covering 6 cities within 10 days. Used to go there at least once a year (for the past 4 years) with my family. But this blog is a food blog that details my journey as a self-professed amateur baker. So to make it relevant for this blog, I will post the cakes I tried in Okayama and Kyoto.

The one above was bought from a cake store, Mozart, along a quiet stretch of street in Okayama, Japan. I had decided to walk from the main train station to the Okayama Castle, (about 2 kilometres only) and that is when I noticed the quaint 'French' store.

I popped in and was impressed by the range of cakes available. Picked one with a tiny macaron on it and up to today, I do not know what it is called in English.
 As I sat at the nearby Korakuen garden, I took in the scenic view along the river. The grand castle is at the background and the cute statue of a naked child holding up a peach stood in front of me. Seems that the people of Okayama believe that the child was born from a peach and it has come to be associated with the city. I met an old Japanese couple and with her smattering English, the lady told me I made a smart move to buy a cake from Okayama's famous cake store, Mozart. Boy, was that music to my ears.
Next stop, Kyoto. Saw this French bakery in one of the subway malls. Mont Blac! Always wanted to try it and taste the smoothness of the chestnut cream.

Verdict: Good. But again, that was my first taste of a Mont Blanc.