Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going bananas over bananas

Over the past 2 weeks, I had the craving to bake something with bananas in it. There were a couple of occasions I bought a bunch of bananas with the hope of using them for my baking but they ended up feeding the fruitflies. Simply no time and usually too tired after work.

Reading all the fabulous blogs with banana cake recipes only made me more guilty of having to throw the rotting bunches away. Moreover, there is always an urge to try out those recipes that are featured. Moist and fluffy etc bloggers usually describe their masterpieces and then I wonder if I could produce the same.

Attracted by 2 particular recipes, by Jess@Bakericious Banana and Oreos Muffins and Banana Chocolate Cake from fellow blogger and great baker, Bakertan, I finally disciplined myself to try them out.

The Banana and Oreos Muffins were absolutely gorgeous and an instant hit with my colleagues. They could not taste the oreos as oreos and thought they were melted chocolates! Moist and fluffy - haha - now my turn to use that common phrase, the muffins were a success and I would like to acknowledge and thank Bakericious for putting up the recipe on her blog. Unfortunately, there are no photos of my muffins. 

Baketan detailed how to bake his Banana Chocolate Cake and it was so inspiring that I told myself I had to try it out. And so I did this morning. It was awesome and again, moist and fluffy. Took less than an hour to bake. Thanks Bakertan.

The quest is on - not going bananas but macaroons! Any tips or reference from dear bloggers?


  1. Your banana bakes look awesome!
    Can't offer much help with macs, cos I'm also trying to find a recipe that's fail-proof for me. Can't wait to see your mac adventures :)

  2. Thanks NEL. That's the prob. Fail proof recipe for mac is somewhere out there. Have not attempted macs at all. Guess I will share my adventure.

  3. This sounds like a very good experiment, a great combination of the bets flavours!

    In terms of macs, I'm assuming you mean the French macarons, not the (English?) macaroons, that are usually coconutty. There's a site that I like reading as they churn out lots and lots of really nice recipes. I tried to make them once but it didn't turn out great, so I'm still looking for the perfect recipe myself too!

  4. Hi Xinmei, thanks for the great reference. Yes, I mean French macarons. I attend classes and yet unable to perfect them. Sigh. I tried out David Lebovitz's choco ones and well, I guess I need to work on it many, many more times. Google him and give it a try.