Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Attempted Lemon and Matcha Macarons on Good Friday and at the same time beating the clock to leave for a procession at St Peter and Paul's Church. Making time for the procession was a ritual my favorite aunt and I have been doing since I was a liitle kid. And now it is my turn to pass on to my two boys to 'carry on the tradition' so they say. Okay, coming back to the macarons...

After whisking and folding the merigue, man, I felt good. Only for the Lemon ones. Definitely seem better than the previous attempt at the chocolate macarons I did before. Immediately I whipped up my DSLR and started to shoot the macs as they stood on the trays to 'rest'.

Very pleased with the Lemon ones but not so for the Matcha ones. The latter looked 'ugly' and rough. Sigh. Just knew the green ones will not turn out well. Something must have gone horribly wrong either at the whipping stage or the folding stage. The incredible Hulk has been created.

Lemon ones - smooth and perfect        Matcha ones - ready to disappoint

Time was up to pop them into the oven. Time was up to take them out. Anxiety over. Very happy with the Lemon ones except that I should have added more coloring to make them more yellow to look more lemony. Success? Expected. 

Then came the Matcha ones. Disaster? Expected. Sigh. I knew it. I knew it. Texture was rough. Hideous. The shells were soft and damp. Could not bring myself to shoot them alone. So decided to take a 'group' shot.

Made the effort not to highlight the rough green ones. They are really bad when seen with the naked eye.

There you go - Beauty and the Beast. I will not give up. Thanks to Jill and Bakertan. I will charge on...


  1. You are very brave trying different types of macarons. I find that there is no one recipe for all macrons. Have to keep trying and improve on, that's the motto! Cheers!

  2. Thanks, that's why I go by the tag phrase "...Where Angels Fear To Tread". Only thing is that I have been wasting quite a bit, you know, when you have to dispose the ruined ones so yeah, a little guilty each time.