Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rich Eurasian Cakes

Had a go with baking a chocolate cake days leading to Easter. I have been baking chocolate cakes but just thought I try out this recipe from robin's eurasian recipes. I guess I have always been impressed by the sugee cakes (semolina and almond) that is so trademark-ish of Eurasians. I stand corrected. So I was hoping this cake would somehow taste different.

Well for one, it was really dark and chocolaty. It rose to a nice height which is perfect for an iced layered cake. It tasted better and more moist the next day. This cake has made it to my list of cakes to bake for special occasions.

There are a few more recipes, common as they are that I would like to try out from the book. Namely the Cherry cake and the Butter cake. The latter calls for 12 eggs and 500g of softened butter! Though I mentioned that the sugee cake is so Eurasian to me, I am not sure if I should try baking it. The recipe calls for 10 egg whites and 15 egg yolks! That is a whole lot of eggs and butter we are talking here...but again these are precisely the ingredients that make a good cake so I reckon. So should I try the recipe out or not? As they say, no venture, no gain. Besides, since I am still in the mood of making macarons, I should be able to put those yolks to good use.

Come this long weekend cos of the Labor Day holiday, I see myself laboring to bake the cakes and, as usual, eager to know how they will turn out.


  1. Looking forward to your Labour Day bakes.
    12 eggs and 500g butter is really quite a lot! Maybe scale down the recipe for the first try. I usually do that, just in case the recipe doesn't turn out good...
    Have a bakeful weekend!

  2. Thanks for posting a comment. Yup, going to scale down and see how it goes. You have a good weekend too,