Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A berry easy cupcake to make

Just thought I should try out this very simple recipe which I spotted on this website - It is a rather straightforward way to make very light sponge cakes. No fuss, can be done in a quickie and yet great to have for tea. For the method, I alternated adding the yogurt and the flour. I did that as I overlooked the recipe calling for adding the yogurt, vanilla and egg before folding all the flour. So trust me, it did not produce a disaster.


My initial intent was to bake these to try before deciding to bake three dozens more for a birthday celebration. You see, over at my office we celebrate the birthdays of staff and we gather all born in the same month and throw a cake(s) eating session. My birthday month falls in July and I thought I should 'supply' my own birthday cake. I guess it was the frosting that I was more interested in. I wanted to attempt different colored frosting and types from mascaporne to vanilla buttercream (recipe for the frosting is also given in the website).  However, I ended up making only the mascaporne one and that was all. I did not go any further...

They say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. So true in this case as I did not bake for the celebration that week. I could not bring myself to bake. Blame it on the heat.


I might attempt to replace those strawberries with either blue or black berries or even make the cupcakes with all three berries! Bet it will be colorful and well, I hope this time,  my flesh will be willing too.

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