Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tiger Prawns and Mango Salsa

I have finally succumbed to it! I have defiled my blog by posting something unrelated to baking. I have of late decided to venture into the realms of haute cuisine or rather pseudo haute cuisine (if there exists such a thing).
This Tiger Prawn Mango Salsa is a start - may be my last...but nevertheless, I attempted to whip up something edible that is so MasterChef like.
I took the recipe from Daniel Green and this salsa, and for his other recipes too, has a strong Thai influence. The verdict: Not bad. Spicy enough for me as I added cut chilli padi. The salsa is nicely balanced with the sweet and ripe mango pieces and a dash of lime juice. Although the recipe called for the prawns to be plainly cooked, I could not resist but to marinate them in pepper and soy sauce before giving them a shallow frying.
Well, we shall see if I would be posting more food stuff instead of cakes and pastries.


  1. You are right, this post has nothing to do with baking at all, nevertheless your dish looks so tempting and it is truly a master chef creation. I would love to see your other creations besides baking.

  2. Thanks, Veronica. Guess I am inspired by the many Masterchef series that is on cable. Will keep on working on them...