Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wholemeal dinner rolls

Decided on making these wholemeal rolls for dinner tonight. I am not the health conscious one in the family. Made especially for my Hone and one of the boys. The latter has been asking for staples like brown rice and steamed fish...hmm.
The question is - what goes with these rolls? The last time I made these wholemeal buns were for my teriyaki chicken. But tonight, it is grab-what-you-can in the fridge. As for me, I am going to slather them with salted butter. That is all. Taste good on their own - but better with butter. Maybe I should also grill the processed frozen hamburgers to go with the rolls.
I am going to leave the rest of the family with what is available if the hamburgers are not what they have in mind tonight.
Anyway, I should attempt this easy-to-make rolls again and carefully select the oven temperature to make those rolls less burnt looking. Oh yes, I reckon I should brush egg white or an beaten egg on the dough to give them that gloss.

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