Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chocolate Banana Cupcakes

Baked some cupcakes for my son's birthday last weekend. Decided on the chocolate banana cupcakes as seen on the Joy of Baking site.

The cupcakes were indeed moist and delicious. Must be the use of oil instead of butter as stated in the recipe.
The first batch baked followed the recipe to the T. But I found them a tad salty so for the next batch, I skipped the salt. Tasted much better. On the video, a very, very ripe banana - near the blacken stage, was used. The bananas I used were ripe, not over-ripe but ripe. Am keeping a couple of bananas and waiting for them to turn nearly 'black' before baking another batch of cupcakes.
You know, these cupcakes are special, not only they were baked for my son, but they were an instant hit with my wife. She devoured them. Wish she would do the same for my other bakes...:)

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