Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas with Macarons and a tower

Merry Christmas to all readers. Made some chrismassy macarons this year - again. This time, the colors are more bold and the chocolate ganache was pretty awesome.
As you can see, I have attempted to build my own macaron tower. Always wanted to and finally got down to it in 2013. Not easy as it looks. Had great trouble sticking those red and greenies on the tower. Lesson learned was always count (and count accurately) the number of macarons you have at hand before building your tower. You would not want to end up like me making do with extras to cover up the gaps. Seriously, I thought I had enough macs to go round the tower but again, it was pure estimation. Anyway, I had many likes on my facebook...
Would I create this tower again for 2014. No way:)

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