Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soya Bean Chiffon Cake

Yes, I finally found the time and purpose to post something on my blog (which I had neglected for quite some time). I have been baking and this time it is back to making that perfect chiffon. I believe I have mastered the art of making that soft and fluffy cake. As such, I am venturing into different 'flavours' of chiffon. 

I have heard, seen, read and been introduced to Okashi Treats by Keiko Ishida before. However, what made me an instant fan of Keiko was when my aunt gave us a cake she had baked using one of the recipes from the book.

I instantly took to the Matcha and Soya Bean Chiffon cake recipes. I did the former and it turned out excellent. Baked two more times and each time, the perfect matcha cake was produced! I proudly showed my family how my chiffon was uncannily similar in color and texture to the photo in the book. I will post that matcha chiffon one of these days...

The chiffon above is the soya bean version ie before putting on the whipped cream. I was pretty excited to try something different and goggled to find out how I am able to get the soya bean powder. Having returned from a holiday (again) in the Land of The Rising Sun - this time Osaka, Nara and Kyoto, I was interested in all things Japanese. So I visited Meidiya at Liang Court and I must say I was extremely pleased to find kinako or soya bean powder.

I always face the issue of creaming my cakes. I attempted a few times and each time, I am dissatisfied with how they turned out. What the heck! But taste wise, I should say, it is an acquired one. The fragrance of the soya bean powder is just right and any diabetic patient will appreciate and be able to enjoy a slice. I must say, it was a success and I would bake it again since I have a packet and a half of soya bean powder left in my pantry.

I was fortunate to get Keiko's book from the library. But the recipe can be obtained from another blogger's post here - My Baking Cottage, I chanced upon Aimei's blog and thus must acknowledge her here.

So good luck to all those who wish to attempt the Soya Bean Chiffon. By the way, if someone could tell me how I can make my whipped cream stiffer and last longer when it is out of the fridge, please let me know...


  1. Hi Ken! Wow, your cake looks simply amazing! I love everything Japanese too! hahaha, i wonder if its just stereotyping but i find myself drawn to anything japanese esp matcha. Keiko Ishida is just lovely. By the way, yeap i have a way for your whipping cream. You just have to add abit of gelatine in. It will make the whipped cream fluffier and much more stable.:D

  2. Hi, thanks for the compliment. You made my day. Yes, somehow gravitating towards Jap food and cakes...and the onsen:) For the past three years, I have been to Japan every school holiday. Thanks for the tip on the whipping cream. I am currently learning and trying out new lenses for taking better photos.

  3. Hi ken your chiffon looks very good. As for whipping cream, I just learned that adding gelatine will helps, you may give it a try.

  4. Hi Jess, thanks for the tip. I will use it the next time round.

  5. Hi Ken, loved the soft pillowy texture of your chiffon. I've never baked with soy bean flour before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks Veronica. Looking at the fabulous cakes you have baked, including the chiffon ones, the soya bean chiffon will not pose any problem for you:)