Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 National Day Macarons

In celebration of Singapore's 47th years of Independence, I decided to make these lovely Red & White Macarons with Chocolate Ganache as their fillings. I discovered by chance that some local stores were selling white coloring powder. Perfect for my white macarons. I had initially intended to use soft beige coloring.
I trawled the internet to look for more macaron recipes. I have my own basic recipe for macaron shells but it is the different types of fillings that I am more interested in. 
Perhaps for those wanting to venture into the land of macarons, you may want to check this uk site - Absolutely interesting recipes to experiment with. 
For the chocolate ganache, I used Martha Stewart's Chocolate Ganache Frosting recipe but adapted it:
8oz good quality chocolate
200ml Thickened Cream (Heavy Cream is mentioned instead)
40ml Karo Corn Syrup
I chanced upon this glass jar in my pantry and thought it would be a great idea to store my macarons in it and present it as a wonderful gift. My macs were a hit, especially with my dear wife who devoured quite a number...

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