Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soya Bean Chiffon Again

It is about time I did the Soya Bean Chiffon again. The last time I did this was in June this year. Refer to my post Soya Bean Chiffon Cake dated 27 June 2012.
I noticed from the number of hits, blog readers tend to check out this chiffon and the Matcha or Green Tea Chiffon. I hope this second post will provide a little more information on this chiffon.

If you had noticed, I have bravely divided the chiffon into 3 layers this time round and each layer is topped with whipping cream. I could only do this after I bought the Wilton Cake Leveler a day ago. 
I had given the reference to the recipe in my previous post and I had mentioned too about the soya bean powder that I used. Hope that the photo directly above will help you identify the product easier. However, I am not too sure if you can get it at your local store...or if it is available, it might come in a different packaging.

I must say that this chiffon is a great cake to make. It is not too sweet. It is really soft and fluffy and light - all the good attributes of that perfect chiffon. 

My only regret is that I used 200ml of whipping cream. Having a layered cake like this requires more than that amount and so I concluded. Thus, you noticed I did not cover the entire cake with the cream. Nevertheless, it was a great cake. Spoken with pride.

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